A second settlement house for mill families in Athens that was founded after 1910 to serve families working for the Southern Mill. The Hiawassee Settlement was located across the street from where White Tiger BBQ is now at the corner of Boulevard and Hiawassee. It is now a church parking lot.

Hiawassee Settlement to be opened

“...not to duplicate school, church, or other helpful places..."

Hiawassee Settlement (1914)

The Settlement House pictured here was located directly across from what is now White Tiger Barbecue (on Hiawassee at Boulevard). The Southern Mill was located just north of the Settlement across the railroad tracks (now Creature Comforts). White Tiger was the Southern Mill’s company store.

“Settlement which is revolutionizing whole city area” (Athens Banner Herald 1915)

Article on the social services being provided to mill workers & their families at Hiawassee Settlement House: night school, Bible study, etc. This House was located across from White Tiger BBQ in Athens. It is now a church parking lot.

Revolutionizing (1915)

More descriptions of the work of the settlement.

Hiawassee Athens Banner (1916)

List of their work.